January 31, 2011

...in the shop now...hideaway pre-cuts by lauren & jessi jung...

We simply love Lauren & Jessi Jung's newest line, Hideaway.  Fabulous colors and great designs make up this not-just-for-winter collection.  In their words, Hideaway was "loosely inspired by the Swiss Alps…quaint villages, clusters of deer, window boxes, mountain flowers, gingham, and cuckoo clocks. The illustration style is both intricate and festively elegant as well as slightly quirky and folk-inspired."  Take a look as this fun collection...

Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs and Layer Cakes available in the shop!!

See you in the shop!

January 30, 2011

...on sale now...all star 2 and sugar pop...

Riley Blake's ever-popular All Star 2 collection is back on sale!  We're running low on these prints, so to encourage you all to help us clear out inventory, we've marked down the price to $6.50/yd!

Also on sale is Liz Scott's Sugar Pop pre-cuts.  A pretty, bright line that's great for Spring and Summer projects.  And at 20% off, it's a deal!

Other great deals in the shop right now can be found in the Clearance section, which has lots of great prints at $6/yd or under (many of which are discontinued or almost gone!).  And don't forget to check out our Last Chance items where the quantity is down to only 1 - lots of great prints, patterns & pre-cuts that we won't/can't re-order!

See you in the shop!

January 24, 2011

...on sale now...high society and giddy...

This week's sale features Anthology Fabrics' High Society for only $7/yd.  This popular fabric has been discontinued by the manufacturer, so what's in stock is all we have!

Also on sale are Giddy pre-cuts by Sandy Gervais - 20% off Charm Packs, Jelly Rolls and Layer Cakes - just in time for Valentine's Day!  But while hearts may be the main theme, the designs are subtle enough you can display your Giddy projects year round!

Sale goes through 1/28!  And don't forget to check out our Clearance section - we've had a run on Tina Givens' Opal Owl so we're running low on the remaining prints from that line.  Plus stay tuned this week for new pattern listings!

See you in the shop!

January 19, 2011

...in the shop now...sunkissed pre-cuts by sweetwater...

Sweetwater's newest line for Moda, Sunkissed, features such lovely colors!  Soft pink, purple, orange and green deliver a truly spring-like feel.  Dainty flowers, fun swirls, dots, stripes, checks and, of course, there's some typical Sweetwater test prints!  Check out these pretty colors and designs...

Now grab some Charm Packs, Jelly Rolls or Layer Cakes and chase away the Winter Blues by starting a Spring quilt now!

See you in the shop!

January 16, 2011

...on sale now...domestic diva, modkid & pink fig patterns, select pre-cuts...

Lots of great sales for you this week!  Riley Blake's Domestic Diva is now $6/yd making this a great time to stock up on these fun, retro prints.  Make aprons, table runners, curtains and more...or grab one of the panels and make a fun quilt or wall hanging!

Looking for some cute patterns at great prices?  Patty Young's ModKid Patterns & Pink Fig Patterns are now 25% off! 

And if you're looking for pre-cuts, we've just marked down Sweetwater's Pure, Sandy Gervais' Lollipop and French General's Lumiere de Noel to 30% off!  Quantities are limited so scoop them up while you can!

Just a reminder, we'll be back to the shop on Monday and all orders placed while we were gone will ship on Tuesday.  Again, thank you for your understanding.  The funeral was emotional, but the time spent with husband's family afterward was nice.  We're currently spending time with my family celebrating my dad and sister's birthday which is a nice end to a sad start this weekend.

Hope you all are enjoying this holiday weekend!

January 15, 2011

...we get to be judges!...

Over the past few months I've gotten to know Alyson from Eisley Rae Clothing and she is so much fun!  She makes adorable children's clothing and has fabulous taste in fabric!  She recently asked me to help judge a contest she's had going for a few weeks now - a Design Your Own Dress contest.  It's easy to enter...just choose 3-5 fabrics and email the images/links of those prints to Alyson.  Your choices will be displayed on her Facebook page, judges will choose a winner, and Alyson will make the winner a dress with their fabric choices!  Go check out Alyson's blog for more details!  Oh, and I'm a little late in getting this post up, so TODAY is the LAST DAY TO ENTER!!  So head over to our shop, or your favorite online retailer or designer, pick out some fabrics and send them to Alyson for your chance to win a FREE dress!

Good luck and we look forward to seeing all your fabric choices!

January 11, 2011

...vacation announcement...

We'll be away from the shop from Thursday 1/13 through Monday 1/17.  The shop will remain open and we will answer convos and set up listings as we are able.  Thursday we will be attending a funeral and then traveling the remainder of the day to visit family, therefore we will not be able to respond until Friday.  All orders placed through Wednesday will ship before we leave and all orders placed after that will ship Tuesday, 1/18.  But Monday is a postal holiday anyway, so it's really not that much of a delay if you think about it :)

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

January 7, 2011

...on sale now...lily & will pre-cuts and it's a hoot yardage...

It's Friday, which means it's time to start another sale!  This week we're offering MoMo's It's a Hoot yardage for $7/yd!  Fabulous aqua and lime, with bits of pink, red and purple.  Fun polka dots, florals, and of course, owls!

Bunny Hill Designs' Lily & Will pre-cuts are perfect for baby quilts!  We have two Jelly Rolls to choose from - Pink/Brown combo and Blue/Brown combo - and the Charm Pack is a combo of pink, blue, and gender-neutral green.  Lily & Will pre-cuts are 20% off!

We hope you all have a fabulous weekend and we'll see you in the shop!

January 6, 2011

...in the shop now...giddy pre-cuts by sandy gervais...

Looking for some fabric to make your Valentine's Day project with?  Giddy by Sandy Gervais is the perfect collection, yet the designs are also subtle enough to use throughout the year.  Wouldn't this line be adorable for a little girl's room?!  We love the modern color combos offered in this line: brown and aqua, pink and brown, aqua and red.  Gorgeous colors and fun designs!  Pre-cuts are great for quilts, craft projects, wall hangings, table runners, placemats and more!

See you in the shop!

January 3, 2011

...new year...new changes...

Hello and Happy New Year!  Some of you may have noticed our decreased presence on the blog, Twitter and Facebook over the past couple weeks.  Holiday prep, out-of-town house guests and a stomach virus has kept me from being as active as I would have liked.  Planned sales, giveaways and new listings went by the wayside as life went on.  But I'm back to work now and have finally finished listing the Bliss colorway of Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms...a preview post is on its way!  I also have lots of pre-cuts and patterns to list so expect several posts in the coming days.

As the post title suggests, there are a few changes that have come about with the new year.  First up, USPS has raised prices on certain services which affects many of our customers.  First Class Mail pricing has not changed, but unfortunately we've had to increase Priority Mail prices.  Domestic Medium and Large Flat Rate Boxes have increased while the Flat Rate Envelope price remains the same.  All International Flat Rate Priority packages have increased in price as well.  As always though, we strive to ship in the most economical manner possible and always refund shipping overages!

Secondly, as many of you have heard by now, cotton prices are increasing around the world and have finally trickled down to the retail fabric store level.  A brief summary for those of you who may not have heard, global cotton crops have dropped significantly in the past year and simple supply and demand economics has kicked in.  Less supply + more demand = increased cost.  Many fabric manufacturers have been eating the cost increase over the past year, but now have to pass it along to their customers: fabric retailers.  There are several factors in the need to increase prices and this short video clip from CNN explains in a simple manner.

When I first learned about the increase, of course I was disappointed.  Keeping costs low to our customers has always been a priority and in the two years we've been in business, we haven't raised prices much at all.  To be honest, by the time we factor in freight, Etsy fees and PayPal fees, our profit margin has always been slim since we charge below MSRP, so with a significant price increase at the wholesale level, we will be increasing our retail prices for any new lines ordered in the new year.

Although a price increase may be frustrating to you, the consumer (and understandably so), I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the cotton crisis and think about the repercussions it may have for those who are directly involved with cotton.  Imagine losing your job, or having to take a severe pay cut, and wondering whether you'll be able to provide for your family.  There are many cotton farmers and workers in China, India and Pakistan who are struggling because of the crisis. 

We hope that you understand our need to raise prices and join us in wishing well those who are most directly affected by this crisis.

We also hope you have a healthy, Happy New Year filled with Peace, Hope and Love!