December 21, 2009

...on sale now...end of year sale!

We will be away from the shop from 12/23 - 12/30 for a merry little Christmas vacation.  But the shop will remain open!  Any orders placed during that time will be shipped on 1/1 and as a thank you for your patience, we have put just about everything on sale.  Check out the great deals we have going on:

  • Most fabrics in the Sale section are $6.50/yd or under
  • All MODA pre-cuts on sale at 20% off (prices shown are sale prices)
  • Buy 5-9 yards of Meadowsweet, Nicey Jane or Flora & Fauna (any combo!) and receive a FREE 1/2 yard cut of any fabric of your choice.  Buy 10+ yards and receive a FREE 1 yard cut!  Just leave a note in the Notes to Seller section telling us which free print you would like.
  • All other regularly priced fabrics are $7.25/yd - that's a savings of up to $.75/yd!  (a refund will be issued) 

Put your Christmas gift money to use and take advantage of these great deals!  And if you need a last-minute gift idea, we now offer e-gift cards

See you in the shop!

December 19, 2009

...saying goodbye e flourish

The underdog hit fabric line of the summer is now discontinued.  That's right, StudioE has discontinued the ever-popular Flourish line.  I can't tell you how many re-orders I made over the summer!  Perhaps they intended to do it this way, but having a light and a dark colorway was genius.  The lighter prints sold extremely well over the summer and as Fall and Winter approached, the darker prints took the lead in sales.  I hate to see this rainbow of fabrics leave my shelves, but it's time for them to go.  Most of the remaining prints in stock are very low - 5 or fewer yards.  I was, however, able to snag a couple more fresh bolts.  So take a look around the StudioE section and grab what you can now.  If you want multiple yards, convo me and I'll let you know what I have available! 

See you in the shop!

December 17, 2009 the shop now...nicey jane by heather bailey

Nicey Jane is here and it's such lovely fabric.  Beautiful florals, funky geometrics, lovely summery colors...and oh so soft!  Aren't they gorgeous?!

Church Flowers in Blue

Slim Dandy in Blue

Picnic Bouquet in Sky

Dream Dot in Splash

Wash Day Ticking in Dandelion

Pocketbook in Green

Lindy Leaf in Blue

Hello Roses in Dove

Welcome Road in Sky

Hop Dot in Sky

If you can't make up your mind which ones to order, I've set up a couple of bundles in the shop:

See you in the shop! 

December 10, 2009 the shop now...meadowsweet by sandi henderson

I know I already introduced Meadowsweet, but I had intended to do another post to show you more detailed swatches and then Blogger decided to give me grief up until a couple days ago.  Plus, I have a correction to my earlier Meadowsweet post.  I had stated that there were 17 prints in the Peach palette, but that turns out not to be the case.  After only receiving 16 prints, there was much back and forth with the manufacturer to determine why I was missing one.  Apparently they had incorrectly displayed the swatches on their website. Soooo, here are the 16 prints in the Peach palette:

Chain Flower in Blush

Grand Foliage in Blush

Happy Butterfly in Blush

Henna Garden in Melon

Daisy Path in Blush

Grand Foliage in Petal

Meadow Dot in Blush

Henna Garden in Persimmon

Strawberry Fields in Pink

Splashy Rose in Citrus

Poppy Parade in Blush

Paper Snowflake in Banana

Peony Plaid in Blush

Strawberry Fields in Yellow

Splashy Rose in Persimmon

Vintage Paisley in Blush

I've also put together three bundles to help break this palette down since it's so large.


Can't you just imagine all the amazing things you could create with these adorable prints?  Head over to the shop and pick some up today.  There's still time to get fabric before Christmas!

See you in the shop!

December 7, 2009

...running low...

Thanks to all of you who helped make room on our shelves for new fabrics - the Cyber Monday Sale was a success! It was such a success, that there are several prints we need to add to the "Running Low" list. The fabrics on this list are prints that have 5 or fewer yards remaining...and we won't be re-ordering.

From Patty Young's Mezzanine collection:

Stained Glass in Lime / Tapestry in Lime

From Laura Gunn's Lantern Bloom collection:

Texture Stripe in Turquoise / Climbing Lantern Pods in Green

Lantern Vases in Orange / Tile Mosaic in Cream

From Patricia Bravo's Revive collection:

Blue Restful Medallions

From StudioE's Freshaire collection:

Leaf in Brown

From Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley collection:

Lodge Lattice in Azure / Lodge Lattice in Sky

From Riley Blake's Just Dreamy collection:

Medium Floral in Rose

From Joel Dewberry's Manzanita collection:

Lily in Black

From Amy Butler's Nigella collection:

Starflower Tiles in Ivory

From Amy Butler's Lotus collection:

Tree Peony in Pink

From Amy Butler's Daisy Chain collection:

Clematis in Natural / Kaleidoscope in Rose

Kaleidoscope in Natural / Mosaic in Rose

From Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks Collection:

Cathedral in Peony / Filigree in Plum

And we only have 2 Rouenneries Jelly Rolls left:

Hurry in and get these great fabrics (many of them on sale) before they're gone. And don't forget to check out coordinating prints - many of them are getting close to being added to the list as well!

See you in the shop!