October 22, 2009

...running low...get them while you can

We've got some great new fabrics and patterns on the way during the next couple months. We're very excited about them, but we're wondering where they're all going to go! The studio is bursting with bolts and we can't seem to get enough shelving! So I thought I would entice you all to buy up some of my inventory by letting you know about prints that we're running low on and won't be re-ordering. Some of these fabrics are already out of print, so before long, you won't be able to find them anywhere. We have 5 or fewer yards remaining for the following prints:

Patricia Bravo - Revive Collection

Eggshell Flower Fusion / Blue Restful Medallions

Laura Gunn - Lantern Bloom Collection

Mosaic in Cream

StudioE - Flourish Collection

Tile in Turquoise / Medallion in Orange

Zig Zag in Orange / Chain in Orange

Medallion Mono in Turquoise

StudioE - Freshaire Collection

Leaf in Brown (accent color is light blue)

Riley Blake Designs - Just Dreamy Collection

Medium Floral in Rose

Joel Dewberry - Deer Valley Collection
Antler Damask in Sky

Joel Dewberry - Manzanita Collection

Lily in Black

Amy Butler - Nigella Home Dec Collection

Wood Fern in Eggshell

Amy Butler - Daisy Chain Collection

Clematis in Natural / Mosaic in Olive

Mosaic in Rose / Kaleidoscope in Natural

Get these fabrics while you can - especially the discontinued prints! Many of these still have coordinating prints available in the store, so check out all your options and help me clear some shelf space!

See you in the shop!

October 20, 2009

...in the shop now...pink fig patterns - fall '09 collection

So is everyone all caught up with Quilt Market blog posts? I'm sure I've been just as caught up in them as you all have! One of the designers showcasing her new collection at Quilt Market was Chelsea Andersen of Pink Fig Patterns. She has 4 new patterns, each one just as sweet as her previous patterns.

As you can see, the Juliet Top goes perfectly with the Sweet Heart Pants and the Nie Nie Skirt. The Juliet includes instructions for 2 styles of tops - apron style or corset style - so it's like two patterns in one! The Scrapbook Jeans and Sweatshirt pattern is a great pattern for jazzing up clothes your little girl probably already has. Use an existing pair of jeans and a plain sweatshirt, add a little bit of fabric, and you've got a whole new outfit! What an adorable school outfit, right? And for a little bit of twirly fun, check out the Nie Nie Skirt - it has tons of ruffles! Get as creative as you want with fabric choices...or let your little girl pick out the fabrics to design her own skirt! Perfect for Spring and Summer, but add a pair of cozy, warm tights and this skirt can be worn year round.

Chelsea does a fantastic job of designing clothes that can be worn in any season with minimal adjustments - making her patterns and the clothes you make with them a great value! So head over to the shop and check them out!

For the love of fabric,

fabric fan

October 15, 2009

...blogger's quilt festival...

Have you checked out the Blogger's Quilt Festival yet?! If you haven't, you should! It ends tomorrow, so if you plan on entering one of your quilts, you better hurry! If you don't know what the Festival is, it's a week-long online festival created and hosted by Amy over at Park City Girl with the purpose of showcasing quilts from all over the country (and world too maybe?). Since International Quilt Market is a trade only show, those of you who actually use the fabric showcased at Market can't attend. So Amy came up with the brilliant idea of hosting an online quilt festival so that anyone and everyone can "attend" and/or submit their own quilts!

See that Quilt Festival button over there to the right? Click it and it will take you directly to the post with all the info. There are links to all the quilts and info about how to enter your own. And did I mention prizes? Well, there are LOTS of prizes! I'm happy to be one of the sponsors and I'm offering a gift certificate to the shop (you can pick out anything you want!). There are lots of great prizes up for grab, so don't be shy about entering! If you don't have any quilts to submit in time, don't worry because Amy is going to host the 3rd Bi-Annual (or something like that!) Blogger's Quilt Festival next Spring. Not a quilter yourself? It's still worth checking out some of the amazing submissions - you knows, maybe you'll get the quilting bug!

October 9, 2009

...super sale of the day...patricia bravo spellbound & color splash

Happy Friday and Happy 1st day of Quilt Market!! We have 2 Super Sales going on today - Patricia Bravo's Color Splash and Spellbound collections. Spellbound is one of Patricia's newest lines, just released in the last month or two. These prints feature some bold colors and patterns, but also some toned down colors and designs. From florals to knots to bubbles...and gold to purple to dark blue...there's a little bit of everything in this group.

Color Splash also plays with the bold and subtle..

Spellbound is $.50 off per yard and Color Splash has been slashed by $1.00 per yard. Head over to the shop and find these prints in the Sale section. And don't forget to check out some Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry and Anna Maria Horner prints that are priced at $6.75/yard!

See you in the shop!

fabric fan

P.S. Free US shipping on regularly-priced orders $45 or more is good through the rest of today! Take advantage of this great offer before it's too late!

October 8, 2009

...and the winner is...

The winner of the Patty Young Frida pattern is @LBGstudio - congratulations! Send me a Direct Message through Twitter with your email address so we can work out the details.

For the rest of you who participated in the contest, I'm offering Patty's Frida and Lil' Chef patterns at a further discounted price of $11.00. I have limited quantities of both, so it will be first come, first served (only 1 per person please). Just go to the shop, search for "Frida" or "Lil Chef" and purchase whichever pattern you want. In the Notes to Seller section, tell me your Twitter username and I'll issue you a refund.

Thanks to everyone who participated - even Patty RTed! But don't worry, I didn't count hers in the tally :) And thanks also to those of you who became new Twitter followers. I look forward to getting to know you all!

...super sale of the day...joel dewberry deer valley - tarragon

We've made it past hump day and we're in the home stretch to the weekend! Today's Super Sale is the Tarragon palette of Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley collection. This palette of golden yellow and grass green is perfect for those of you who are looking for something gender neutral or something bright and cheery to get you through the coming winter blahs! And if those bright pinks and blues just aren't your cup of tea, this is the fabric for you!

I've marked these fabrics down from $7.75/yd to only $7.00/yd - that's the lowest price on Etsy! Scoop them up now, even if you don't have a specific project in mind yet, because this price is only good for 1 day! Pillows, throws, play mats, curtains, chair covers...there are lots of great things you can make with these fabrics!

See you in the shop!

fabric fan

October 7, 2009

...pink fig patterns...the nie nie skirt

Have you seen the newest Pink Fig Patterns? Chelsea Andersen has created 4 adorable patterns for her Fall 09 collection, my favorite of which is The Nie Nie Skirt. Not only is it extremely fun in all it's ruffley cuteness, but it has special meaning behind it. If you haven't heard of Stephanie Nielson, or Nie Nie as she is affectionately known to her many blog followers, you should read up on her amazing story. Fighting her way through an incredibly difficult recovery from a near-fatal plane crash, Nie Nie chronicles her journey one heart-felt post after another.

Nie Nie spent many months in the hospital and a recovery fund has been set up to help her and her husband offset some of their medical expenses. After meeting Nie Nie, Chelsea became inspired to design a new pattern and name it after her. She explains in her blog, "I designed it with Stephanie in mind and I think it captures her uplifting, free spirited, and cheerful personality." Chelsea has decided to donate a portion of all sales of the Nie Nie Skirt to the recovery fund. And I have decided to follow her lead and donate a portion of my sales (10%) as well.

Whether you purchase the pattern just because you like it or because you want to help, know that the donation is going to help some folks who are very much in need.

See you in the shop,

fabric fan

...quilt market week of sales recap...

Just wanted to send out a quick reminder about the great deals happening in the shop this week! Here's a quick run-down:

~~ Sale items have been marked down further - yards starting at $6.75!
~~ Twitter contest to win Patty Young's Frida Pattern - the 507th RT (retweet) of my original contest tweet wins the pattern (join in now!)
~~ Super Sales each day - select group of fabrics marked down for 1 day only! Today's Super Sale is Riley Blake Designs' Just Dreamy - they're marked down and waiting for you in the sale section! Quantities are limited, so get them now!

And the big one...FREE US SHIPPING on all regularly priced items totaling $45 or more! This is for 3 days only, starting today and ending Friday (10/7-10/9)! (All sale items will be charged normal shipping rates.)

Join me on Twitter and Facebook to get updates and info about the great deals being offered this week! Plus there's going to be another giveaway and you don't want to miss out on that!

This post is linked to WOW Wednesday on Everything Etsy - check it out for some other great Etsy deals!

See you in the shop!

fabric fan

October 6, 2009

...super sale of the day...laura gunn lantern bloom

Today's Super Sale of the Day is Laura Gunn's Lantern Bloom! Yardage has been marked down and you can find it in the Sale/Clearance section of the shop! And while you're there, browse around for other great deals. Amy Butler's Daisy Chain has been marked down to $6.75/yd! There are some other goodies in the sale section also, so hurry over and check it out!

For the love of fabric,

fabric fan

October 5, 2009

...quilt market week of sales...

Quilt Market is rapidly approaching - just a couple days away! And sadly, I can't go :( I have some close family members who are moving from here on the Left Coast all the way to the Right Coast! I've told them they can't go, but apparently they have to go where the military tells them to go. So this coming weekend, while many in the trade will be oohing and aahing over all the fantastic new fabric lines, I will be helping to load a moving truck and clean a house. Not what I would prefer to do during Quilt Market, but it's time well spent with close family members who are moving 3000 miles away.

Sooo, in an effort to distract myself from this sad turn of events, I'm going to be offering some sales and a giveaway(s?) this week. Each day I'll be featuring a different line or palette of fabric at a discounted price. I'm choosing the fabrics somewhat at random, so you'll just have to check back every day to learn the newest sale. In addition to these daily sales, I have further marked down fabrics already in the Sale/Clearance section of the shop.

And get ready for 3 days of FREE US shipping and discounted International shipping! From Wednesday 10/7 through Friday 10/9, US shipping is free on all orders of regularly priced items (that includes yardage, patterns and pre-cuts!) totaling $45 or more. For you International folks, I'll discount your shipping by $5. Keep in mind, sale items aren't included in this...you can still order them at the same time, but non-sale items have to total at least $45 and shipping charges will apply for the sale item portion of the order. But still not a bad deal - it's easy to order $45 worth of fabric, right?!

Oh, and did I mention the giveaway? Quilt Market is known for the many giveaways of all kinds of goodies, so why should you all miss out? Now, details aren't worked out yet...and I'm open to suggestions. A handful of smaller giveaways, or one big giveaway? A Twitter RT giveaway, or a become a follower or Facebook fan giveaway? So many options! I'll keep you all informed so stay tuned to Twitter, Facebook and right here at the ol' blog.

Today's Super Sale, you ask? Well, it's Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley Azure palette...I've marked it down and put it in the Sale section of the shop, so go grab some up while it's on sale because tomorrow they go back to normal price and something new will show up in their place. You might be asking, "Well, what if I buy something in one Super Sale and then see something in another Super Sale that I want too. Do I have to pay for separate shipping each time?" Nope, you sure don't! If you see something you want in one of the Super Sales, purchase it like you normally would (so I know you're serious about buying it), but send me a convo right away saying you want me to hold on to it until you see what other deals you might be able to get. Make as many purchases as you want during the week, and I'll hold them all until you're ready for me to ship! All excess shipping charges will be refunded to you once I have determined how much your order will actually cost to ship. Sound like a plan?

Let's make this a fun week filled with good deals and great conversations! Feel free to leave comments and suggestions - I welcome your input! And don't forget to tell your friends...the more the merrier, right?!

For the love of fabric,

fabric fan

October 2, 2009

...fun fabric friday...bubblegum lollipops by patricia bravo

Happy Friday! Today's Fun Fabric pick is Bubblegum Lollipops from Patricia Bravo's latest collection called Girly Girl. In addition to the name, I love this fabric because it has such fun colors - the bright pink and turquoise are so complementary. It might not be your traditional Fall colors, but the name just makes you think about candy and gum! And with Halloween around the corner, it's a perfect time to think about candy!

From a distance, you can't really tell the design is meant to be a lollipop, but up close it becomes a little more noticeable. Patricia has added a touch of whimsy to this print with a curvy, swirly lollipop stick and a flower in the center of each circle. This print would make an adorable skirt or dress, a cute blanket or play mat, or how about a basket liner?! Just because it's Fall outside, doesn't mean you can't have something bright and cheery inside! Head over to the store and check it, where you'll find some great coordinating fabrics!

For the love of fabric,

fabric fan