January 17, 2010

...a little dose of color...

I spent the evening catching up on all the blogs I subscribe to (there were hundreds in my Reader!) and the most common theme in blog after blog was COLOR!  There are so many wonderful blogs by designers and amateurs alike that are filled with colorful layouts and gorgeous pictures of quilts, crafts and, of course, fabric.  It was certainly inspiring to explore all these blogs and it has made me even more motivated to make the changes to my blog that I've been wanting to do for a while.  But that's a job for Hubby and with his "day" job, his own business, his grad school and our house remodel, I'm not sure how quickly those changes will be made.  So for a quick dose of color, I snapped a couple photos from around my house tonight.  Keep in mind it was 10:30 when I took them, so the lighting wasn't the greatest. :)

Drips created by entryway edging in preparation for new front door molding.

I love the shapes created by the lights.

Freshly installed baseboard...you have no idea how exciting this is for us.
We haven't had baseboard in an embarrassingly long time.

My $10 find at Marshall's...another Christmas present to me from Hubby...that I bought.

It's content hanging out on the mantle for now.  I love how it pops next to the black.

If you didn't notice, my favorite colors are turquoise and lime. They were my wedding colors (trust me, they worked - we got married on the beach!), they're all over my house (walls, decor, etc.) and I own more aqua shirts than anyone should! What are your favorite colors? And what do you do when you need a dose of color? I hope you'll share...I'd love to hear what colors make you happy!


  1. Your blog is great and love to talk about colors. BRIGHTS! Love hot pinks in the designer fabrics.