July 11, 2010

...on sale now...sandi henderson's meadowsweet...

Sorry for the absence from the blog lately - Hubby had knee surgery this past week and I've been playing nurse!  He's going back to work soon, so I'll get my days back!

This week we put Meadowsweet on sale because Sandi's sequel (Meadowsweet 2) is due out soon and we need to make room!  We still have 15 prints in stock, but at $6.50/yd, they won't last long!  Yes, only $6.50/yd!  Head over to the shop and grab them up while they're at this great price (through 7/16)!  Oh, and we marked down some of our Clearance prints even more so check those out too!

We hope everyone has been enjoying their summer so far...based on your tweets lately, a lot of you have been, or are going on vacation soon.  We wish you safe travels and good times on any upcoming trips you all might have planned!

See you in the shop!


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