December 16, 2010 the shop now...sanctuary by patty young...

I can't tell you how much I love Sanctuary!  We're almost sold out of a couple prints so a re-order might be necessary already!  Patty herself describes the line the best, so courtesy of her blog, here you go:

"Sanctuary is not a place or time, but a feeling – a feeling of utmost serenity and bliss...The shirtings are lighter in weight than quilting cottons but not as sheer as lawns or voiles, so they are PERFECT for apparel design, but...we've also been using them for pillows and totes. And I imagine they'd make super soft quilts too! The drape on these fabrics is superb and they sew up like butter and gather like a dream...The COOL palette features soothing tones of aqua, turquoise, pear green and soft grays."

She's not kidding when she says they're soft - they have a great feel to them and I personally love the weight.  Not too stiff like some quilting weight cottons can be.  I haven't sewn anything with them just yet, but I have a growing list of Sanctuary projects including kitchen curtains and living room pillows so far!  And by the way, Patty has a Flickr group you can join or browse for inspiration, plus she offers on her blog a great patchwork pillow tutorial featuring Sanctuary fabrics!

We are currently offering the Cool Palette, made up of 13 fabulous prints.  We have FQ and 1/2 yard bundles of the entire palette, as well as a few other bundles we put together.  Check 'em out!

Zen Garden in Pear

Building Blocks in Seafoam

Temple Tiles in Ocean

Orchid Feng Shui in Ocean

Glass Tiles in Seafoam

Seaweed Wrap in Seafoam

Dahlia Lama in Seafoam

Zen Garden in Gray

Orchid Feng Shui in Seafoam

Aromatherapy in Seafoam

Geo Bloom in Seafoam

Temple Tiles in Seafoam

Glass Tiles in Aqua

By the way, because they are a bit lighter weight, they cost less to ship - bargain!  Hope you find something you like!

See you in the shop!


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