February 23, 2011

...in the shop now...nature walk organic by cloud9...

We're so excited to finally be offering some organic cottons!  Nature Walk is Cloud9's premier "price-sensitive" organic collection.  Great, quality 100% certified organic cotton with low-impact dyes - great for the environment and great for you!  If you're like me and have sensitive skin, this fabric is great because there are no harsh dyes or chemical-infused cotton.  Plus it has a great weight and feel to it!

Nature Walk's prints are just that - things you would find while taking a walk outside.  Leaves, trees, flowers in colors easily found in nature - earth brown, straw, crimson red and sky blue.  An earthy feel to an environmentally-conscious collection!

Head over to Cloud9's blog and get inspired by all their Nature Walk projects, then head to the shop and scoop up some of this fabulous fabric!

See you in the shop!


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