May 3, 2010 the shop now...valori wells sewing cards...

I came across these cute little sewing cards a couple weeks ago and just had to order a few.  They are too cute!  These aren't new patterns by any means, but they're new to the shop! :)  These simple projects are great for most skill levels and the instructions are short & sweet. 

I love the Journal Covers pattern because it's so versatile.  Not only can you use it to spruce up your journal, but also notebooks, planners, books, etc.  There's a simple little math equation that helps you figure out exactly how much fabric you need for any book size. 

I love the Project Bags pattern because it makes such a great gift.  Have you ever made (or bought!) someone a gift only to have a hard time figuring out how to wrap it?  These project bags would be perfect!  Make one up with the gift receiver's favorite fabric and it's like a second gift.  Or just need a simple storage solution for your craft projects?  The pattern gives instructions for 3 different bag sizes, so you're sure to find a good use for them!

And finally, I love the Little Wallet pattern because it's SO cute!  How perfect is this for your business cards?  Also perfect for those times when all you need is a little cash (or credit!) and your more lugging around a purse when you can slip a couple cards and some cash in your stylish, handmade little wallet!

Great little patterns for a great little price - only $3.00!  And buy some fabric to make your new projects with and you don't pay shipping on the pattern. 

See you in the shop!


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