December 7, 2009

...running low...

Thanks to all of you who helped make room on our shelves for new fabrics - the Cyber Monday Sale was a success! It was such a success, that there are several prints we need to add to the "Running Low" list. The fabrics on this list are prints that have 5 or fewer yards remaining...and we won't be re-ordering.

From Patty Young's Mezzanine collection:

Stained Glass in Lime / Tapestry in Lime

From Laura Gunn's Lantern Bloom collection:

Texture Stripe in Turquoise / Climbing Lantern Pods in Green

Lantern Vases in Orange / Tile Mosaic in Cream

From Patricia Bravo's Revive collection:

Blue Restful Medallions

From StudioE's Freshaire collection:

Leaf in Brown

From Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley collection:

Lodge Lattice in Azure / Lodge Lattice in Sky

From Riley Blake's Just Dreamy collection:

Medium Floral in Rose

From Joel Dewberry's Manzanita collection:

Lily in Black

From Amy Butler's Nigella collection:

Starflower Tiles in Ivory

From Amy Butler's Lotus collection:

Tree Peony in Pink

From Amy Butler's Daisy Chain collection:

Clematis in Natural / Kaleidoscope in Rose

Kaleidoscope in Natural / Mosaic in Rose

From Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks Collection:

Cathedral in Peony / Filigree in Plum

And we only have 2 Rouenneries Jelly Rolls left:

Hurry in and get these great fabrics (many of them on sale) before they're gone. And don't forget to check out coordinating prints - many of them are getting close to being added to the list as well!

See you in the shop!


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