December 10, 2009 the shop now...meadowsweet by sandi henderson

I know I already introduced Meadowsweet, but I had intended to do another post to show you more detailed swatches and then Blogger decided to give me grief up until a couple days ago.  Plus, I have a correction to my earlier Meadowsweet post.  I had stated that there were 17 prints in the Peach palette, but that turns out not to be the case.  After only receiving 16 prints, there was much back and forth with the manufacturer to determine why I was missing one.  Apparently they had incorrectly displayed the swatches on their website. Soooo, here are the 16 prints in the Peach palette:

Chain Flower in Blush

Grand Foliage in Blush

Happy Butterfly in Blush

Henna Garden in Melon

Daisy Path in Blush

Grand Foliage in Petal

Meadow Dot in Blush

Henna Garden in Persimmon

Strawberry Fields in Pink

Splashy Rose in Citrus

Poppy Parade in Blush

Paper Snowflake in Banana

Peony Plaid in Blush

Strawberry Fields in Yellow

Splashy Rose in Persimmon

Vintage Paisley in Blush

I've also put together three bundles to help break this palette down since it's so large.


Can't you just imagine all the amazing things you could create with these adorable prints?  Head over to the shop and pick some up today.  There's still time to get fabric before Christmas!

See you in the shop!


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