November 3, 2009 the shop now...riley blake designs - bloom & grow

Bloom & Grow is My Mind's Eye follow up to the Just Dreamy and Be Merry lines for Riley Blake Designs. I have to say that Bloom & Grow is my favorite (to date!) all the Riley Blake lines. This collection features fun and funky colors and designs. The centerpiece fabrics have an array of amazing colors and are chalk full of flowers and birds. Yes, those are cleverly disguised birds "blooming" from the leaves! One of the great things about this collection is that all the colors go so well together even though there are three different colorways (pink, blue and brown). In the shop, there are 6 available prints from the blue and pink colorways and if you guys love them, then I might order more!

I have to admit that the credit to choosing this great selection of prints should go to my 9 year old niece. In preparation of moving into a new house, she was allowed to pick the fabrics of her choice for her room makeover, which comes complete with bedding, pillows and curtains. After seeing Bloom & Grow on Riley Blake's website, these are the prints she told me to order! She did a great job choosing and coordinating - she definitely got her ability to choose great textiles from her mom (Rachel of Mamma Made Designs)! My guess is Rachel will blog about the room makeover, so keep an eye on her blog! I can't wait to see how these fabrics (and a little bit of paint) transform what was once a boy's room, into a sweet, funky girl's room!

See you in the shop!

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