November 20, 2009 fabric friday...floral in brown by studioE

I realize that I haven't been very consistent with my Fun Fabric Friday posts, but I'm going to try to be better about it! It shouldn't be hard considering all the great new fabrics that we'll be stocking over the next few weeks. Today, I'm going to revisit an oldie but goodie. StudioE's Flourish line was a huge hit over the summer. I had to make several re-orders over the course of one week - one of which was made with spotty cell-phone reception on the Oregon coast while on vacation! One of those re-orders was just for this specific print, but I was told it was being reprinted and I could expect to receive it in September. Well, I just got it a couple weeks ago. Better (way) late than never, right?

(r. Petals in Green l. Beads in Brown)

(r. Chain in Turquoise l. Medallion Mono in Orange)

So why is it so fun? Because it's bright, yet grounded by the brown background. It has a wide array of beautiful colors - oranges, greens, aquas. It has fun floral and foliage designs - swirling leaves, dainty branches, pom pom flowers. And it goes perfectly with just about every other print in the Flourish collection, whether by small design elements pulled out to make repeating prints (Chain, Petals, Pom Pom) or just by color (Zig Zag, Medallion Mono, Beads).

And maybe the delay in delivery wasn't so bad because these fabrics are perfect for Fall! So head over to the shop and check out all the available Flourish prints! But hurry, some of the coordinating prints are running low.

See you in the shop!


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