November 18, 2009

...pre-order now...sandi henderson meadowsweet

Hey fabric addicts! Sandi Henderson's brand new, much-anticipated fabric line, Meadowsweet, is coming!! I just got word from the manufacturer that it will be shipping very soon. We will be stocking all 17 prints in the Peach palette and because I'm so excited about the fact that this line is coming out much sooner than expected, I'm going to give you a discount if you pre-order with us! That's right - a discount just for pre-ordering! Individual prints are only $7.50/yd, but the price returns to the regular rate once the fabric is in stock, so order now to get this great deal!

I have a fat quarter bundle listing in the shop right now, with individual listings to come once I'm able to take pictures of the real deal. You can purchase the bundle or I can set up a custom listing of specific prints for you. Just take a look at the swatches and contact me through the shop to let me know what you would like!

1. Strawberry Fields in Yellow
2. Meadow Dot in Blush
3. Happy Butterfly in Blush
4. Splashy Rose in Citrus
5. Poppy Parade in Blush
6. Splashy Rose in Persimmon
7. Henna Garden in Persimmon
8. Grand Foliage in Celery
9. Daisy Path in Blush
10. Vintage Paisley in Blush
11. Grand Foliage in Blush
12. Henna Garden in Melon
13. Strawberry Fields in Pink
14. Grand Foliage in Petal
15. Paper Snowflake in Banana
16. Peony Plaid in Blush
17. Chain Flower in Blush

While I don't have an exact shipping date, I can tell you that you could expect to receive your fabric in the next 1 -2 weeks (Thanksgiving holiday will slow things down a bit). So head over to the shop and let me know what you want (because you know you want some)!

See you in the shop,

fabric fan


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