April 28, 2010

...join our new flickr group!

We love to see what our customers create with fabric they purchase from us, so we've finally set up a Flickr group!  Feel free to add pictures, or just browse around if you're in need of inspiration.  With Spring and Summer upon us, now's a great time to take and post pictures of all those cute new outfits you're making for your kiddos!  And as a newbie quilter, I would love to see some pictures of quilts!  Oh, and just so you know, you can add info to your photo captions, like, ahem, your store/blog website and such...just sayin' ;)

You do have to join the group in order to add photos or participate in any discussions, but joining is quick and easy if you aren't already a Flickr member.  All we ask is that you play nice...after all, we all have the same things in common - we love fabric/sewing/quilting!!  So head over to our currently barren group page and add some pictures to spruce it up!


  1. I added some photos to the pool! I used a charm pack for the center of my log cabin blocks and the label for the quilt. It looks like you have it set up so you have to approve the photo though, or I did something wrong, because the pool is showing up as empty.

  2. Thanks Meghan! Your pictures are great and the quilt is awesome! I adjusted the settings so photos should show up right away now :)