April 2, 2010

...vacation announcement (plus a little treat)!

We'll be away from the shop Monday 4/5 through Friday 4/9 (we'll be cruising it up along the Mexican coast with Hubby's family - motion sickness patch and xanax at the ready!) but the STORE WILL REMAIN OPEN because, well, we keep it open every time we go on vacation.  I like coming back to a big pile of orders :)  So feel free to place orders and send requests for custom listings!  Please read these details so we're all on the same page (there's a treat at the end if you do!):
  • All orders placed by THIS SUNDAY (4/4) will ship out on/by Monday with the exception of First Class International.  There simply won't be time to make a trip to the post office for FCI.
  • All orders placed 4/5 - 4/9 will be shipped on Monday 4/12.
  • All convos and custom listing requests received through THIS SUNDAY (4/4) will be answered same day as usual.
  • All convos and custom listing requests AFTER SUNDAY will be answered as I am able.  Since internet is not free on cruises, I will most likely only have a very small amount of time, if any, to answer during next week.
So,  if you ARE going to make any custom listing requests, please let me know in the convo what you would like and the length (be as specific as possible for sake of time).  Please also tell us in your original convo if you want us to go ahead and set up a listing if we have what you requested (it saves the back and forth :).  If we don't have any or only have some of what you requested, we will let you know.

Any orders, convos and requests that can be put in sooner rather than later will be greatly appreciated and will benefit us all!  Thanks, as always, for your patience and understanding as we step away from the shop.  This is always easier for Hubby than it is for me, as is evident by the fact that I'm willing to pay money for internet access in order to answer convos!

Sorry this was such a business-y post, but sometimes they're just necessary!

And now for the TREAT!  Anyone placing an order TODAY (4/2) through FRIDAY (4/9) will receive a code for 10% off your next purchase!  After your order has been completed and shipped, we will email you a unique-to-you code that can be used for a future order (cannot be combined with any other offers).  It's our way of saying thanks for your business and patience while we're on vacation!

We hope everyone has a great weekend!


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