July 17, 2009

...back from vacation!

Hey everyone! We're back from our vacation and what a great time we had exploring the Pacific Northwest! I'm now officially in love with Oregon...the coast, the trees, the cute little towns, the cheese. Anyone in need of a vacation should put Seattle, Portland, Mount St. Helens, the giant redwoods and the wine country on your list of possibilities. All are highly recommended!

So now it's back to reality where we've spent the past several days playing catch-up - much of which has been placing orders to recover my dwindling stock (you guys were ordering fools while I was gone - thank you!) In the past week, I have placed three re-orders with StudioE! During our 10 days of vacation, I sold out of several Flourish and Freshaire fabrics. I couldn't re-order fast enough! Within the week, though, I should be fully re-stocked. Well, except for those few fabrics that have either been discontinued or are currently out of stock.

Floral in Brown

For those of you who are curious where StudioE's Floral in Brown from the Flourish line has gone, I'm happy to tell you that it's in its second printing and will be returning to the shop! Just not until late summer. The manufacturer has given September as their best estimate as to when it will ship out. Let's cross our fingers that it gets here sooner - I know how much you all love that print!

t-b: Diagonal in Blue, Floral in Green, Leaf in Brown

While gone, I also sold out of some of StudioE's Freshaire fabrics. I was able to re-order Diagonal in Blue, but unfortunately Floral in Green is gone for good. Freshaire has been discontinued and only a limited quantity remains of certain sku's in that line. And just to let you know, only a few yards of Leaf in Brown remain in the shop, so get it before it's gone forever!

t-b: Paisley in Ice, Sway in Ivory, Peonies in Red, Zag Stripe in Red, Pop Daisy in Red

Upon return, I also had to re-order some Heather Bailey Pop Garden fabrics. This bundle seems to just "fly off the shelf!" Don't you just love it? The bright colors and fun designs make me smile every time!

Stay tuned for my next post about the BRAND NEW Riley Blake Designs line called Ivy Trellis. I have a few fabrics from the line in the shop ready to be sent to a good home. If you love them as much as I know you will, I'll be expanding my inventory of the line.

Thanks again to all of you who ordered during my vacation and waited patiently for me to respond to emails and/or ship out your orders. I appreciate it!!

For the love of fabric,

Fabric Fan


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