October 7, 2009

...pink fig patterns...the nie nie skirt

Have you seen the newest Pink Fig Patterns? Chelsea Andersen has created 4 adorable patterns for her Fall 09 collection, my favorite of which is The Nie Nie Skirt. Not only is it extremely fun in all it's ruffley cuteness, but it has special meaning behind it. If you haven't heard of Stephanie Nielson, or Nie Nie as she is affectionately known to her many blog followers, you should read up on her amazing story. Fighting her way through an incredibly difficult recovery from a near-fatal plane crash, Nie Nie chronicles her journey one heart-felt post after another.

Nie Nie spent many months in the hospital and a recovery fund has been set up to help her and her husband offset some of their medical expenses. After meeting Nie Nie, Chelsea became inspired to design a new pattern and name it after her. She explains in her blog, "I designed it with Stephanie in mind and I think it captures her uplifting, free spirited, and cheerful personality." Chelsea has decided to donate a portion of all sales of the Nie Nie Skirt to the recovery fund. And I have decided to follow her lead and donate a portion of my sales (10%) as well.

Whether you purchase the pattern just because you like it or because you want to help, know that the donation is going to help some folks who are very much in need.

See you in the shop,

fabric fan


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