October 5, 2009

...quilt market week of sales...

Quilt Market is rapidly approaching - just a couple days away! And sadly, I can't go :( I have some close family members who are moving from here on the Left Coast all the way to the Right Coast! I've told them they can't go, but apparently they have to go where the military tells them to go. So this coming weekend, while many in the trade will be oohing and aahing over all the fantastic new fabric lines, I will be helping to load a moving truck and clean a house. Not what I would prefer to do during Quilt Market, but it's time well spent with close family members who are moving 3000 miles away.

Sooo, in an effort to distract myself from this sad turn of events, I'm going to be offering some sales and a giveaway(s?) this week. Each day I'll be featuring a different line or palette of fabric at a discounted price. I'm choosing the fabrics somewhat at random, so you'll just have to check back every day to learn the newest sale. In addition to these daily sales, I have further marked down fabrics already in the Sale/Clearance section of the shop.

And get ready for 3 days of FREE US shipping and discounted International shipping! From Wednesday 10/7 through Friday 10/9, US shipping is free on all orders of regularly priced items (that includes yardage, patterns and pre-cuts!) totaling $45 or more. For you International folks, I'll discount your shipping by $5. Keep in mind, sale items aren't included in this...you can still order them at the same time, but non-sale items have to total at least $45 and shipping charges will apply for the sale item portion of the order. But still not a bad deal - it's easy to order $45 worth of fabric, right?!

Oh, and did I mention the giveaway? Quilt Market is known for the many giveaways of all kinds of goodies, so why should you all miss out? Now, details aren't worked out yet...and I'm open to suggestions. A handful of smaller giveaways, or one big giveaway? A Twitter RT giveaway, or a become a follower or Facebook fan giveaway? So many options! I'll keep you all informed so stay tuned to Twitter, Facebook and right here at the ol' blog.

Today's Super Sale, you ask? Well, it's Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley Azure palette...I've marked it down and put it in the Sale section of the shop, so go grab some up while it's on sale because tomorrow they go back to normal price and something new will show up in their place. You might be asking, "Well, what if I buy something in one Super Sale and then see something in another Super Sale that I want too. Do I have to pay for separate shipping each time?" Nope, you sure don't! If you see something you want in one of the Super Sales, purchase it like you normally would (so I know you're serious about buying it), but send me a convo right away saying you want me to hold on to it until you see what other deals you might be able to get. Make as many purchases as you want during the week, and I'll hold them all until you're ready for me to ship! All excess shipping charges will be refunded to you once I have determined how much your order will actually cost to ship. Sound like a plan?

Let's make this a fun week filled with good deals and great conversations! Feel free to leave comments and suggestions - I welcome your input! And don't forget to tell your friends...the more the merrier, right?!

For the love of fabric,

fabric fan


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