October 2, 2009

...fun fabric friday...bubblegum lollipops by patricia bravo

Happy Friday! Today's Fun Fabric pick is Bubblegum Lollipops from Patricia Bravo's latest collection called Girly Girl. In addition to the name, I love this fabric because it has such fun colors - the bright pink and turquoise are so complementary. It might not be your traditional Fall colors, but the name just makes you think about candy and gum! And with Halloween around the corner, it's a perfect time to think about candy!

From a distance, you can't really tell the design is meant to be a lollipop, but up close it becomes a little more noticeable. Patricia has added a touch of whimsy to this print with a curvy, swirly lollipop stick and a flower in the center of each circle. This print would make an adorable skirt or dress, a cute blanket or play mat, or how about a basket liner?! Just because it's Fall outside, doesn't mean you can't have something bright and cheery inside! Head over to the store and check it, where you'll find some great coordinating fabrics!

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