May 12, 2009

...have to have...tula pink hushabye

Have you seen the new Tula Pink quilt pattern? I just have to have this quilt. Go to her site and after you see the picture of the finished product, you'll know why. I love Tula's new fabric line, Hushabye, and the sky and grass and chocolate colorways are so perfect for my house. I have to have this quilt. I've always wanted to make a quilt, but remember how I said I'm a beginning sewer? Well, making a quilt seems like a nearly impossible feat. Quilters, is it as hard as it seems? Could I really just jump into a quilt project like this? Maybe? If I had help?

Ok, the pattern is due out this month and the fabric is due out in August. I've made it a personal goal to get all things Tula Pink in my shop so stay tuned for updates about when to expect her fabulous patterns and fabrics!

Have I mentioned I have to have that quilt? Sigh.

For the love of fabric,

fabric fan

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