May 17, 2009 the shop now...joel dewberry rose

I love this sweet little print...a repeating pattern of tiny little baby pink roses. Rose (in Green) is part of Joel Dewberry's Aviary Collection. It paired wonderfully with the Rose Damask and Sunburst fabrics I had, but those sold out rather quickly and now Rose is sitting lonely in the shop. In case you didn't know, Aviary has been discontinued and the fabrics I sold out of are no longer available for re-order. So Rose is biding her time until someone comes along and falls in love with her...or at least recognizes how perfect she would be for any number of baby projects. This fabric would make such a cute lightweight blanket or a sweet little dress.

Zoomed in to show detail

What do you think? Isn't it just so cute? Stay tuned for more features on out of print Joel Dewberry fabrics!

For the love of fabric,

fabric fan

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  1. Hi! I'll pass along your blog to a good friend of mine who lives in Maryland...she is a seamstress and would love these fabrics!