September 11, 2009 the shop now...hushabye by tula pink

New in the shop are a select group of Hushabye fabrics. Hushabye is Tula Pink's newest collection for Moda. Since I only recently set up an account with Moda, much of this line was already sold out by the time I was able to order. But I was able to secure a great group of aqua and brown prints! I love this color combination...soft, yet not so girly, making it a great combo for both guys and gals. Since this line is geared towards babies, I thought the brown and aqua would be a great unisex option. Plus there isn't a ton out there for the boys, so I wanted to carry something that would work for all of you with baby boys to sew for! Check out these lovely fabrics and let me know what you think...don't forget to look for the hidden in plain sight animals!

Droplets in Ivory Aqua

Butterfly Lace in Aqua

Owl Stripe in Aqua

Circus Dot in Ivory Aqua

Bunny Damask in Aqua

Owl Stripe in Brown

Ducky Dot in Brown

Oh, and I also have this great quilt pattern available too. I love this pattern! It's the one that got me interested in learning how to quilt!

This picture is used with permission from Tula Pink.

Check out these sweet fabrics! See you in the shop!

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  1. Oh Tisha these are just gorgeous!! You ladies are so lucky to be surronded my gorgeous fabric every day!!

    Big fan of Fabric :)

    Mayya @ Sew Chic and Unique