September 21, 2009 bundle available...laura gunn lantern bloom

I was suddenly inspired over the weekend to make some new bundles available in the shop. For most lines, I make some type of bundle available, whether a bundle of the entire line or one with all the fabrics in a specific colorway. In looking through my inventory, I realized I never did that for Laura Gunn's Lantern Bloom collection. Because of it's popularity at the time, I was never able to receive the whole line and I have since sold out of one of the prints, but the 9 remaining prints I have in stock work really well together.

Can you imagine a quilt in these amazing fabrics? Or a pillow cover with a different print on each side...or even a patchwork pillow? Or frame them to make them look like the paintings they started out as!

I've got a couple more bundles to introduce later, but for now I'll let you drool over these fabulous prints!

For the love of fabric,

fabric fan

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  1. Hi I have been trying to track down a yard of the wide strip/canvas looking fabric. Do you know what it is called and where I could find some?